Ok so we made it to Italy, finally. FYI Ryanair at Stanstead is a nightmare. No organisation at all..it took us forever. Put me off flying with them. There were like 10 queues, with no signs. We queued in three different queues constantly be told it was the wrong que. It was ridiculous. Anyway though we made it to Rome. So our plan was to spend the day and night in Rome then go to the airport to meet the rest of my family the next day. So lets start with out driver. Oh yes, we ad a driver, or very posh….


So the suite were staying in, offered us a driver at a discount rate, which we were more then happy to accept, as we knew we were going to be tired, and burning day light travelling across Rome wasn’t something I wanted to do. Although he originally had no idea where we going so that was fun…


But to the suite, just a ten minute walk from the Spanish Steps and a 2 minute walk from a breath taking view on the river, it was a perfect location.


Celing Italy

So this is one of the first things we saw when we stepped into a little apartment like area, with a few rooms going off. The ceilings were truly beautiful.

Outside our window

This was the view from our window, and right below was a Pizzeria so we enjoyed the sounds of Italy echoing around us.

Doorknobs Italy

I couldn’t not get a picture of these door handles. I am a sucker for detail as you know, but just look at how delicate these are? The whole place had little hideaways which were full of wonders. With a kitchen, shower room, toilet and  dinning area, was a great place to stay for the night in Rome.


The colour scene was natural, which accents of gold splattered about, I can’t tell you how nice this place was, and I will leave details of where we stayed tomorrow.  It was lovely sitting on the bench with the windows open, just listening to the city.


Outside view Italy



Window in bathroom

This was the quirky little window in our toilet, very interesting…nice view to look at though..


refelction italy

The shower room and toilet had more go a dark grey/slate pallet, which was nice and cool. Very helpful during the hot days.



Rainshower Italy


I got full use out of this showering, shoring at east 4 times while I was there (due to the heat) plus there were some wacky coloured lights above which you could change the colour on. Very modern aspect mixed with the traditional style of the place.


Kitchen coffee Italy


When we arrived, we were greeted by a lady who showed us around. They had left 2 bottles of water, 2 cans of coke and fanta, some crackers, biscuits, nutella, jam and melba toast. Plus coffee pods and milk as a welcome pack. All included which I thought was lovely. There was also a hob, fridge and kettle. Everything you could need if you wanted to buy some fresh food and whip something up while you were there.


Frames on the wall Italy


This was opposite our bed, I love the dramatics of this feature wall, and we also had a lovely old table and chairs. over ally the place we stayed was beautiful. I honestly couldn’t fault it and I will leave all details in tomorrow’s post where I tell you all about our adventure in Rome, and how we annoyed many Italian men..


Ciao for now! x


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    What have you done with all the pictures from the frames? Ryanair Boarder Control will get you!!!!

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