So I waited a few days to do this post, just so everyone was ‘ready’. So this weekend was full of emotions, stress and mine and Richards time not being our own. I went back home to an empty house because my poor uncle was sick and my mum and dad were down there with him. It’s crazy, i’ve lived in that house for 20+ years, but could I find how to put the heating on? nope, thankfully Richard has good logic and found it.


Anyway we had some ups and downs this weekend. An up? My brother Simon and his partner Mel gave birth to a beautiful boy, Finley. We got to have the first cuddles of the siblings, which is nice as normally I miss that. we quickly rushed up on Sunday evening before we left for Essex, for a quick hello. He’s so adorable it’s crazy! I also got to see my lovely nieces, which is always eventful, but my they are cute.

We went to a family reunion and I met 20+ relatives for the first time, but we saw some family members I haven’t seen in ages, so although my mum wasn’t there, it was fun, plus eventful.

I didn’t see my mum the whole weekend, which is crazy because I always see her when I go home…she was with my uncle, who sadly died early hours of Tuesday. We were meant to go see my mum while she was with him, but dad suggested we didn’t. So this is for my uncle Charlie. We miss you.

But I don’t want to leave it on this sad note, so here are a coupe of pictures of our new nephew and a big congratulations to Si and Mel. It was a long haul, but they both did brilliantly!


Adorable isn’t he!!

Finley, baby



  1. Lea Marie

    Aw I’m so sorry for your family’s loss šŸ™
    I love the saying ‘When one door closes, another door opens’ and I feel baby Finley is a silver lining throughout your rough time. He’s so cute!


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