Ok so it was the party this weekend and it was sooo much fun! I loved seeing friends I haven’t seen for ages, and just spending time enjoying the sun. Just a few pictures from the day, but it was pretty laid back as I was still poorly…I know lets cross our fingers that it’s completely cleared up for Italy next week. I have also decided that I am terrible at having my picture taken, I always look really drunk in them, and I promise I only had a couple. There were many disasters, the macaroons didn’t rise, the eton mess separated, but we had soo much fun and thanks to all that came and Pat and Bob who brought a lot of food with them too!



So we popped to our local farm shops and picked up some local plants to make the garden a little more homely. They were so cheap too because they are at the point where they needed to be planted into bigger pots, so I got them all for £1.75 each…bargain.



We also got a bunch of flowers to put on the tables, to add a bit of decor, as I was too ill to do my pom pom garland. But this looked just a lovely.



Richard and peter enjoying the sunshine. Flash forward 5 hours, we are all red and sunburnt.


Me, Abby and steph. A reunion on the three musketeers, and a first visit for these lovely gals to our little house. My friends Letty, Alex and Jon also came, pictures to come when I get them from Letty. It was really lovely having them all down, and the sleeping arrangements were interesting to say the least.




Lounging on the bench, cathching the rays. I layered lots of blankets and pillows, for comfort and colour. It was laid back..there were cocktail. (recipes to come) and nibbles and lots of people and lots of sun burning.




My parents, enjoying the sun, and Richards newly built pallet table, with some pretty bunting attached.


Chips in a shot glass, so easy yet so cute.


And the aftermath saw Steph and Richard going for a 16mile ride while I cleared the mess…


Was an awesome weekend, I a little sore from the sun, but as a quick note stage four started of the running program now running 3 minutes walking 3 X 4…


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!


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