Yesterday we moved Richards parents from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom place. Which consisted of a lot of cardio and carrying, so I was pooped, and so didn’t do my weekend antics post. Which I apologise for. But here it is.

So weekends antics are becoming a bit of  a recurrence, do we like the weekend antics posts? Well I enjoy writing them. As me and Richard both work during the week, I feel all of our exciting things tend to happen at the weekend. Like last weekend  saw us eating Monsters Inc cupcakes, making pom poms and seeing my mum sing a solo in her stage group show. All good things. Plus there may have been a cheeky cake and Frozen film fest in there too!



So to the twin’s birthday. Looking adorable in their princess dresses as you can imagine getting a picture was pretty difficult, so enjoy these blurred iphone ones! (Eliza on the left Amelia on the right). They are literally the cutest ever. I also love how puffy Eliza’s dress is.


 Munching on cupcakes.  As lovers of Monsters Inc, My sister and her boyfriend made these awesome cupcakes, of which the twins, ate about 5. (Just eating Mike’s eye of course). But all in all it was a good day. Bar the weather, but it didn’t dampen it at all. With a swift change in plans, a lovely afternoon was spent eating too much food and watching the twins play the game who can scream the loudest with their adorable cousin, she won.. Was entertaining none the less.



The lovely spread, safe to safe the ‘healthy living’ was non-existent this weekend.


Here’s a poor picture of the twin’s pom pom head bands I made. Check out our DIY of these here. (smaller versions for tiny people).


Couldn’t get a picture of the twins wearing their present (couldn’t get a picture of them standing still) but it’s ok as here is my sister-in-law to be Mel, modelling the pom pom headband while 5 months pregnant!


Slightly random picture theme change here but what else did we get up to at the weekend you ask? Well for a good 30 minutes. Richard, Abby, Max and I watched the fish tank looking for the other black and white fish because we were worried it was missing half it’s head. The update? We still can’t find it, sadly we think it may have died due to possible fatal injuries…missing half it’s head.. we gave up and decided to watch Frozen. Abby and Mel’s first time, mine and Richards 42nd..


 Just enjoy…all that is Olaf.


On a happier note I spent a good 2 hours re-arranging all my mum’s lovely flowers she got for her show, which she had a solo in. Lovely at singing, poor at flower arranging. Was a very proud daughter to watch her doing her solo though and Richards highlight of the show was spotting my mum in the chorus wearing an Egyptian wig..


 As a standard practice of going home me and Richard brought some Lego and indulged in some cake..It’s nice to chill, and go to the garden centre where we can be 80 and 5 years old at the same time. Enjoying the flowers, then playing with Lego while eating chocolate cake..


Exciting news! My camera is ordered and I am dead excited to get it, hopefully the quality of photos will improve dramatically. We went for the Sony Alpha 6000. Not your conventional camera as it is cross between a DSLR and compact camera. But I am looking forward to not lugging around my bulky Nikon. (which is broken anyway)! Will do a review when it arrives for you all!

Have a lovely Friday all!!

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