Ok so first thing first, sorry I have been MIA. So here is the reason. Last Thursday I had a little pain in my right ear which I just assumed was a scratch in the ear or something and so ignored it…Friday it was a little worse, but I was busy cleaning so just brushed it off, and Richard came home after being away for three days so we ate pasta watched a movie and chilled, and all was fine, I didn’t even notice my ear.

Forward a few hours, I am up in bed in excruciating pain, and there’s a lump by my ear the size of my pea, and the day before my birthday no doubt. So we spend Saturday morning in a walk in centre.. fun fun fun. So after 2 hours I am seen and turns out I have quite a severe ear infection…woohoo teaches me to ignore ear pain..I am still fighting the infection, but I am hoping it’s on the mend as today has been the first day since Saturday that I have been able to get the pain under control.


Anyway We weren’t going to let that ruin the Birthday weekend so Richard took me shopping, I got some new running shoes (which I still haven’t tried out yet) he got me some little mermaid lego (which is awesome) a cute orange jacket from H & M some new shorts and a few extra little bits. He also brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.



 Aren’t they pretty? I felt very special on Saturday and it wasn’t even my birthday yet. We decided to go for a walk by the sea which was nice and I was trying out my new camera, which is awesome!! I’m still getting around it, but so far I can’t fault it. So enjoy these pictures I took. I look kind of swollen in these pictures, because at this point my infection has spread to my face and I was loopy and in pain..haha so let’s not judge the face too much..

DSC00074Nice cheeky pic of Richard…oh yeah so he totally had all his hair cut off.. Thoughts? Looks good no?

me-and-richard Maldon Maldon-2

It was a really nice evening, but we only went for a short walk as it was freezing. Why did I wear shorts? But what do you think of the green fluffy clutch? Cute no?

So Sunday comes, It’s my 25th Birthday and I am drugged up, puffy, tired and deaf in one ear. I didn’t sleep very well because pain killers weren’t working great and apparently antibiotics take 4-5 days to take effect..yay. Anyway I opened my cards, opened my presents from Richard which included an awesome magazine, and 2 old fashioned champagne glasses. I was feeling pretty rough, as lack of sleep and ear ache was taking it’s toll on me so we popped out to buy some more lego…and to buy some food. I really wasn’t well enough to do much, so it was a joggings and t-shirt day. I had to admit defeat. but even though I did Richard maybe the day pretty awesome!!


Honestly I had so much fun building this, if you read the blog, you probably already know I am a bit in love with Star Wars…


So we drank champagne which I like to think totally helped the pain situ, and we built lego!! I am a little in love with the Star Wars Bith Musicians!

So we enjoyed some champagne ….

Champagne Yummy Prosecco with home grown strawberries. We had some meats and bread and oils, then Richard got a doughnut and decided to put 25 candles on it… Ever wondered what a doughnut covered in candles looks like…


 Just a giant flame ball….


Here is my doughnut…I was seriously worried my eyebrows were going to singe off!! but thats me chilling with a blanket surrounded by pillows looking puffy…a lovely picture to remember my 25th by.. Thank god the party is next week.

 Anyway the weekend itself bar the ear ache was lovely, and I am looking forward to being well and seeing family and friends this weekend!! It’s been a tough couple of days, yesterday being my worse and I couldn’t even chew properly but now I have been given stronger pain killers, and actually slept for more then 4 hours, I am on the mend yay. I will hopefully be able to do like a little look book with my new buys recently and presents! Plus I seriously want to go running, haven’t been since Wednesday due to my ears, and I want to try out my new trainers and I am actually missing it crazy no? I also haven’t done drawings recently so they will all come up at once too!

I am off to get a bit more sleep!

Bye for now xx