So we go up to London pretty frequently and we have a little ritual now that we do on a Saturday morning, before I start work.

It’s Broadway Market.

Ok so our first stop is always The Cinnamon Tree Bakery. We are making our way through trying the delicious treats on offer. The brownies are heavenly. The caramel and sea salt cookie is divine and our latest try the caramel crumble flap jack. Genius. Using organic ingredients, and also doing some gluten free options too. You can’t go wrong. So if you find yourself in Hackney on a Saturday! Go and indulge in some mouthwatering treats.



Just look at that crumble caramel invention..



The market sells a selection of fresh breads, produce and quirky items. We tried for the first time Romeo Jones pesto and Italian meats. Which partnered with our French stick  from the local bakery and tomatoes went together prefectly. They also did a large variety of cheese and other deli favourites. We have a wish list as long as my arm of things to try from that stall.


Richard, drawn in my the smell of meat brought a hot dog, well a bratwurst sausage to be precise from the German Deli Stall. Paired with sauerkraut, ketchup and a spicy mustard. He was happy. I had a bite. Unbelievable.




So while Richard was tucking into his bratwurst, I went for the more dainty, low fat option. A piece of marshmallow. Now this little piece of marshmallow was worth the £1 price tag. With a variety of flavours, I chose the peanut butter. It melted in my mouth, paired with the little crunch on top. It was a glorious treat to tantalize my taste buds with. The genius behind this little snippet of wonder, is The London Marshmallow Company. I have these guys pinned for possible wedding ideas.

Now I know what your thinking, that’s a lot of food. But it’s great to snack on it all day… Anyway the market opens at 9am and goes on til about 5ish. We get there around 11, and are still able to pick up our favourite treats.

But food isn’t just the attraction. Another one of my favourite stalls is the local flower market and vintage clothing stall. I could spend hours at the market. Taking in the floral scent, perusing through years of texture and patterned clothes, and there is always entertainment, with singers, and general people watching of the variety of people who walk the Broadway Market Street. We even got a glimpse of Russell Brand last Saturday out jogging. Richards Highlight of the day. So that’s one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Go check it out next Saturday.