Moving out of your parents house, and going off into the big wide world to live independently is an exciting milestone for any young adult. But the chances are (unless you’re very lucky or have spent a long time-saving up) your first home will be in the form of a small rented apartment, or a house share with others.  Which often comes furnished, or your sharing furniture.  Problem is, before you know it you’ve moved several times over the years and have ended up with a mismatch of things that no longer make sense.

When you eventually buy a house (or move into a home where you know you’ll be staying long-term) you can finally start thinking about the kind of furniture you actually want and like. You can upgrade, create your rooms to look exactly how you want them and a design a space that genuinely makes you happy. However furnishing a home can be expensive, and so it’s worth knowing where you should hunt for bargains and where you should splash the cash.

So what are the pieces worth investing in?
Since we spend almost a third of our lives tucked up in bed, a bed is a good place to invest a little money in. A good sleep each night will make you a happier and more productive person. If you don’t fancy spending a fortune on a bed, at least go to a mattress store and try out lots of different levels of firmness. We brought a new mattress when we found out we were expecting. Best idea ever, it meant that even though I was stupidly uncomfortable most of the time due to being massive, I was still able to sleep without getting backache. Ok so I have found 3 bedframes in different price ranges, that are super cute but functional!


Ok so fitting with a metallic theme that seems to still be a super popular trend. I mean I’m still loving the metallic. Anyway. This bed is from Made and costs £399 which isn’t too bad, especially as its so cute. rubens_bed_with_storage_toffee_brown_lb01


So I’m kind of in love with this bed, it just looks super comfy…plus I kind of feel like I belong in an episode of Mad Men.. This is from Made too and cost £1099..yeah a lot more pricey…but look how stunning it is. jonah_double_bed_med_blue_high_footboard_lb_1

Keeping with a pastel theme, this gorgeous bed from Made is our calm medium regarding price coming in at £599. Beds don’t have to cost a bomb, but maybe spend a little more time trying out mattresses.


A sofa is such a feature piece in your living space. It needs to be comfortable, look good and be practical and hard wearing. It also needs to be a colour and design that will still work with various decor changes over the years, so it’s a big decision to make and worthwhile spending the extra. While a sofa is never going to last you forever, you’ll get quality that lasts much better with a more expensive model. So the variety of sofa’s is never-ending. Material, pattern, shape size…so best idea is to measure your room, take a picture and try out different sofas in your room. EIther in a software like Photoshop, or just print and cut out. Get an idea of what sofas will look like with your decor etc. Ok so a round of 3 sofa’s of different prices and styles.



This is cute and compact and would look great in a studio or small apartment. This is from Ikea and costs £149. Not too shabby hey.



I’m sort of in love with this sofa, the colour the style, love it! Anyway this is from Made and costs £999.tidafors-corner-sofa-with-arm-left-grey__0240024_PE379607_S4

For those looking for corner sofa’s, Ikea do a great range like this one which costs £850.

The dining table is a place for family meals each morning and evening, and a place to entertain family and friends. Somewhere for your children to sit and do their homework, and a place for you to chill out and sip your coffee or glass of wine with a magazine. Your dining table is a well used piece of furniture and is at the very heart of family life. Invest in a good one, a solid piece with good quality chairs the will stand the test of time. But these don’t have to cost a bomb. A solid wood table can be picked up for free from places like freecycle or gumtree. Or buy one from your local charity shops and do it up. Mix match some chairs and you have a quality piece of furniture and a conversation piece. But if you’re not up to doing a big DIY piece, take a look at these 3 sets.


Perfect contemporary piece for your family dinning room. Who doesn’t love a good bench? This is from Made and costs £499. Bargain right?



I love the white and wood contrast of this table, it’s so fresh and contemporary. This is from Made and costs £349.docksta-table-white__0449402_PE598843_S4

Something a little smaller for studio or small apartments. Or even for a little breakfast area in your kitchen. This is from Ikea and costs £130. Chairs not included.


So hope this helps if any of you are in the market for big pieces like the ones above for your home!