What type of home should you go for?

When looking at buying or renting a new place to call your home,it can be a little overwhelming what option to go for. I’ve always preferred renting housse, as I like to have a garden and also a parking space always comes in handy, which you don’t always get with flats. I have moved around a lot. I’ve lived in 4 different county’s and a different country.. So let me know if you ever need packing advice! I’ve lived in flats, a dorm, a house and even rented just a room, in a family home. And I know how hard it can be when trying to decide where to live. We have been looking at houses with the idea that we’d like to buy a house in the next year or so, and it’s crazy the amount of different types places you can buy. From houses, bungalows and flats to even lodges. I thought I’d look into some cute examples of types of accommodation you can rent or buy! 
Ok so let’s look at bungalows. Often associated with an older market, but they don’t have to be. Bungalows tend to be a lot cheaper with rent and when buying.Some people choose to spend the money on building their own bungalow,to get it exactly how they want it. If you decide to do that, use a bungalow house plan design to make it easier. Take a look at this stylish bungalow below and click the link to see the full house tour. Just goes to show that just because it’s an older design, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.


                Apartment Therapy 

I love the wooden beams and just how high the ceiling is! So lovely!

Next we have flats and apartments! The one thing I did like from living in a flat, is that you tend to get to know your neighbours! You tend to have a little community of people who live on the same floor when living in a flat. I think flats are great for couples and friends, or as a first home buy! They tend to be cheaper then houses and it’s a great way to get yourself on to the market! Also flats are great places to rent or live when you live in a busy city like London! Especially great if your thinking of downsizing. Downsizing, it might sounds crazy because why would you want to live somewhere smaller, but it’s great financially and practically too! Living with 4 friends then decide its time to move in on your own? This is when downsizing becomes an option. More then likely you won’t be able to afford the rent that you, plus what your friends were paying, all on your own. So looking for somewhere smaller is ideal, and this is where flats are great! You can get studio apartments and flats that don’t cost the earth, plus you will gain the independence of living on your own! Cheaper and beneficial! Plus no queuing for the bathroom in the mornings! This studio flat is super cute! Click the link to see the rest of the home tour.

             Apartment Therapy

I can’t knock renting. I know people say it can be a waste of money, and I get that. But sometimes people just don’t have the option, let’s be honest deposits can be super expensive for buying your own place! And yes renting sucks decor wise but there are so many renters fixes! Take a look at our renters fix Pinterest page here for inspiration! 

Happy home hunting x