Where to get plus size maternity clothes.

So since being pregnant I have gone down from a size 18-20 to more of a 16-18, but with the ever growing belly who can really tell!

When buying maternity clothes I have learnt some rules.

Firstly always get your size, don’t feel like you need to go bigger for the ever growing belly, they are made to expand! If your unsure on your size try it on, if it fits comfortably and theres a bit or room your good!

Don’t feel the need to replace your whole wardrobe. Your only pregnant for 9 months and maternity clothes can be super expensive. Another note always check the ASOS sale for maternity clothes..its great.

Ok so regarding maternity clothes I have brought a pair of casual jeans which I got in the ASOS sale for £12, I also brought a smart pair of black jeans from Matalan for £14. I have this set which I got from New Look which came with a pair of leggings, a strappy top and a belly band. These are my saviours! I wear the black top under my ‘normal’ clothes just for a little bit of extra support. add some t-shirts to the mix and your sorted.

Oh and maternity or nursing bras… honestly bending over when wearing a wired bra..agony. Now I am hoping to breast feed so I just brought a nursing bra..they were the same price as the maternity ones, and I figured this way double purpose..there’s probably and unspoken rule of not to wear a nursing bra until your nursing…everywhere pregnant women may be gasping…or not..

anyway and when you start to get really big, you can get some maternity pants..pretty much the equivalent to granny pants..but I swear bigger…ridiculously unsexy..but comfy …

Lastly stripes. Stripes are a pregnant gals best friends, they are so cute and always compliment a bump. I also found even though I’m bigger wearing the more fitted tops may be look smaller in a weird way rather then a loose top just hanging.

So enough of the rules and to some cute plus size maternity clothes.  ASOS maternity go up to a few sizes, I think up to size 20. But you can always look at their plus size collection too. Empire line dresses are great for bumps! Here are some cute outfits on ASOS that I am loving.



So these are four outfits I love at the moment from ASOS. Firstly the skirt in rust is so cute and casual. Perfect for the summer.This costs £35 and goes up to a size 18. See it here.

The dip dyed shirt is so awesome and would be great for work or a summer evening. I love it. This costs £22 and goes up to a size 20. See it here.

Rust seems to be calling to me..but these chino’s are super cute and the striped top. I tell you everyone looks good in stripes. But these are a good alternative if your not much of a jeans person.. These cost £35 and go up to a size 20. They also do them in navy too! See them here.

A little sexy number. I mean just because we are pregnant doesn’t mean we can’t wear something a little sexy no? This costs £25 and goes up to a size 20. See it here.

So ASOS does cute maternity stuff but doesn’t have the biggest sizes..after some research I’ve noticed that New Look do up to size 18 and sometimes size 20 in maternity..But Simply Be do bigger sizes, as does Next, they go up to size 22. But I have to say after looking around there’s not a lot of option for bigger sizes and maternity. I know you can wear everyday clothes, but items like maternity leggings and belly bands I would be lost without them. If your plus size and bigger then a size 22, let me know where you shop so we can let all the readers know!

I got left  comment from a company that does up to bigger sizes. They go up to a size 26-28. Elizabeth Brown Maternity. So do check them out!


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