Why I prefer solid flooring over carpet

pretty floor 2



Firstly I will completely contradict myself straight off..as sometimes it is nice to have carpet..especially when it’s cold..but then rugs are better. But still given the choice I would always pick hard flooring over carpet. As having carpet has it’s downsides. But come on, how beautiful is that flooring above? Anyway to the negatives of carpet.


The biggest being stains. Carpet can stain so much more easily than wooden floors or laminate. Just ask my mother, she made the mistake of having white carpet..10 years later and a weird arrangement of rugs she decided to get wooden floors..and she’s never looked back. Hint. It’s due to an accident prone father, and two hyper nieces that mum’s carpet never stayed white. Lots of carpets are stain guarded, but they aren’t enough to protect from the more severe spillages. So unless you are immaculate, and only drink clear liquids, having carpets, especially in rooms like the living room, will always be a risky game. Stains definitely are not a classy look in the home!


They are also extremely high maintenance. Especially when compared to other kinds of flooring. The slightest bit of hair can make it look very untidy, but on laminate, for instance, you wouldn’t even be able to tell. You only have to click here to see how much better other kinds of flooring can look. Do you really want to spend every minute of every day vacuuming and scrubbing a carpet?

You can have so much fun with hard wood flooring too. Like painting and treating it different colours, or go really wacky and try tiled floors. I love how adventurous these floorings are.



This flooring is so amazingly beautiful, just look at that grain.








I love the idea of having tile or laminate floor like this not in the most conventional place like a kitchen or bathroom. This just looks amazing.




Painted wooden floors like this are such a great way to add colour to your room! I love this so much, it kind of looks like a river.


I can’t wait till we have our own place (not rented) where we can change up the flooring. Until then i’ll stick with rugs to hide our ugly floors.