Wide Awake on this Wednesday morning



So due to my ever growing belly, sleep seems to become more and more uncomfortable as the days go on. I have like a 6 point turn, turning over in bed..takes me quite a while plus its paired with a tugging that causes me a lovely pulled muscle..what can I say pregnancy is fun…

So I thought while being up this early ( i’ll mention that I got up at 6 for no other reason then I couldn’t sleep) I thought i’d be proactive. My ever growing list has been put into overdrive with an inspection on Friday from our estate agents. So  I have no choice but to sort through my cleaning to do list. This is also paired with bets going down that the majority of people think i’ll have the baby in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! I am currently 35 weeks and 4 days..so yeah..i’ll probably end up going past my due date, but this timeline has sent me into overdrive..

I have all these cute and wonderful things I want to do before this kid is born, but I have to say with the lack of sleep, and the fact that I can only clean for like 30 mins before having to take a break, I think that maybe, just maybe…I might not get all these things done..which if I’m honest is annoying me massively..

I have no idea what to expect when this baby arrives, I hope the blog doesn’t suffer, maybe it will make it more interesting..lack of sleep  can cause people to do weird things… I guess we will just have to see.. I’ll do a full on bump post soon and maybe you all can give me your ideas on what you think the gender is and predict when i’ll have the baby? eh?

I’m off to start cleaning, then maybe i’ll have a nap..

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday