Winter is coming…here are my tips to keep warm.

Unfortunately, autumn is officially here and although the weather was nice today..I didn’t even wear a coat, we won’t be able to keep the winter away.  So yes the heatwave is over (I didn’t enjoy that when I was heavily pregnant) but now I have a new obstacle. Keeping my home warm for my little guy. When we lived in Essex, our 111 year old house was damp, mouldy and always cold. We pretty much gave up on putting the heat on, as we only had radiators in 3 rooms, and due to all the cracks, the heat escaped, so we were just wasting money. So our days were filled with lots of jumpers, fluffy socks and hot beverages. Thankfully our place now has a decent heating system which is good because having a 2 month old we need to keep the place warm so he doesn’t get sick.

So, here are my tips for surviving the inevitable cold weather that is about to take over.


Install A Quality Central Heating System (sounds boring but it’s highly important).

From what I can tell, almost every home has central heating. Yes, they might have a fire too, but they use it in conjunction with their boiler. Still, not everyone has a quality one like an Enviro Air HVAC. Having a boiler is not enough if the boiler doesn’t do its primary job effectively. Your central heating needs to warm up the house quickly and maintain its temperature, otherwise not only will you be freezing, but your wasting a hell of a lot of money on a boiler thats not really work efficiently.


If you don’t have kids and want to work to a budget, think about setting your boiler to a timer, and having your heating on about 15-20 degrees. This might seem ridiculously low to some, but adding an extra layer, and getting some blankets for your home could save you a lot of money in the long run. Mine and Richards gas and electric cost us £30 a month in Essex, because we had our boiler set to a timer. Early morning for a couple of hours and in the late evening for a couple of hours. For the rest of the time, if we were in the house we just wore a jumper. It got to the point that by the time we left that house we had £300 of extra credit in our account. Due to us being savvy with the heating. ( and we also turned off lights and plugs..but that’s electricity..and a whole other post).

You can lose the heat from your home through displacement. Double glazing and well-manufactured fittings should limit this, but you can stop it further by closing the curtains and getting door draught excluders for your doors.  Hardwood flooring can also be really cold, this gives you a great excuse to buy some cute rugs.

And finally some cute must haves to help you survive the winter!



1. Men’s ASOS roll neck jumper, £32.00

2. Ted Baker Maddoxx Slippers, ASOS, £55.00 Pretty classy slippers to keep your fella warm in the colder months.

3.  I’m actually a mermaid candle, Urban Outfitters. £35.00 Candles are a great way to keep warm, you would need a few though, but I love the look of this candle, I mean who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? But remember be safe with fire guys!

4.  Baby Grobag, Mothercare £33.00 Ok so I’m going to get round to doing a baby must haves for new parents, one of them being a grobag. Arch sleeps in one of these and it keeps him warm without the need of a blanket. This limiting the dangers but still keeping him warm enough during the cold nights. Also they come in a variety of sizes and toggs. So you can get thick and thin ones depending on the weather, and small enough ones that clip on the sides which are great for newborns too!

5.  Sajana rug,Urban Outfitters, £75.00

6. Laxmi Curtain, Anthropologie, £78.00 How beautiful are these curtains. They keep the draft out, while continuing to make the place look pretty!

7. LETO Multicoloured patterned throw, Habitat, £80.00 Always always keep a throw downstairs, it’s great to add a bit of colour to your sofa, and to keep you warm and snuggly during the colder months.

8. Bedroom Athletic Jessie Huskies Booties, ASOS, £29.99

9. Vila Geometric Print Jumper, ASOS, £15.00


Winter is coming..but with winter comes Christmas. I personally love winter, as I love to layer on clothes, and walk through the brisk cold it’s an excuse to drink gallons of hot chocolate and snuggle up on chilly nights on the sofa! But it’s only fun if you can escape the cold to a warm house.