Ok so I’ve had lots of custom orders recently, and lots of you guys asking me how much so and so is. So although this is a mighty boring post, hopefully it will answers any question for you guys looking for that perfect sign for your home! So a single board under 90cm will cost you £10. To make it double the length you add another £10. To make it double boards in height its an extra £10. So pretty much £10 a board!

So what does you money get you?

Well you get a bunch of designs off me, to find your perfect design for your sign, and the choice to have your sign varnished (so it’s weather proof) and string attached to make it nice and simple to hang up your new decor item!

Here are a few customs signs I have done over the last couple of months, and I have a possible big order coming in soon which is pretty exciting!!


13-01  playroom and the winery sign 13-01 choose a seat wedding sign 13-01 just married sign 13-01 with my whole heart 13-01she said yes wedding sign

So we do lots of wedding signs, which I love doing because its such a lovely thing to make something for a couple on their special day! And we get some really lovely emails back from out clients thanking us, it’s just lovely!

I’m pretty excited about the next few months because as I  said we have a potential BIG order in the mix, and I’m having fun creating a new line of funky decor signs for your home, and a special line for the little ones in your life too!! Just watch this space!