ZZZ….I totally need some more sleep.

First thing first, a massive apology for missing Wedding Wednesday’s yesterday, my time yesterday wasn’t my own, I was running errands all day so much so I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch, and we all know how much I like my food.


Getting up at 4.30am to drop Richard off at the station is slowly killing me I am sooo moody and constantly running around doing errands, sorting out the big shoot I have coming up and trying to turn my old bedroom into a office/living quarters/studio. Everything really. Photo’s to come soon…

Anyway, I am nearly settled just takes a bit of adjusting living back with the parents, while house hunting..fun times!!

Halloween tomorrow and I am still trying to find a costume to wear…Steph didn’t go for the bath loofa or the candy floss..shame..she’s an idiot who is reading this while I write laughing at my Wedding Wednesday’s…some maid of honour.

So short and sweet and I promise I’ll be back to normal routine next week, we might have a feature with Abby too! fun times ahead.

So I am off to pick Richard up…maybe go to the gym then sleep…sleep sleep sleep.